What Is E-design?

Electronic or online interior design, aka e-design, is a virtual interior design style that allows us (the interior designers) to work with you (clients from afar) to visualize and design buildings that are just as good as when done in person. Whats more, its less stressful, expensive and time-consuming for the client, and even to some extent the designer.

How Does It Work?

Instead of having to come to our office (and in some cases, for us to come to see your place physically), we would usually correspond online through emails and or any other means suitable to you as our client. In some cases, if you desire us to, we also come to check out your edifice physically, especially if you live in the Greater Houston Area.

What Are The Benefits?

Everything covered in physical meetings would be covered in our e-design sessions, and your rooms would be creatively designed and sent to you on time without stress. You enjoy the benefit of sparing more time for other things, alongside spending less money for the project. You could redirect the time that would have been spent in physical meetings for other important schedules, and the extra money spent could be spared for other issues. This is very important for the lean customer who wants a quality job but is too busy or has a smaller budget. With e-design, we cover the bases you need.  


Check Out our E-design Itinerary Below: