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Custom window coverings, drapes, custom blinds and shades.

Window treatments are a major part of home decor. Drapery and window blinds are often the focal point of any room, and all other decor is based upon their theme. We truly believe that when you enter a room, the window treatments are a focal point. Not every house is built the same, and not every window is designed to fit a standard treatment.

When you buy custom, you're not only purchasing the highest quality product. You're also purchasing the perfect fit for your home, the most unique style from thousands of options, great privacy ad energy efficient treatments, and many other ways to customize.


Natural and organic mattress and bedding

The average person spends 1/3 of their life in a bed so it's vital that the bed is of a natural and organic properties. Sleeping on a chemically sprayed mattress is bad for our health long-term, and your sleep pattern.

A natural mattress is naturally fireproof wool, breathes in the summer, allowing a cool sleep zones, yet maintains a little heat in the winter months, aiding sleep and relaxation, making the perfect balance for the perfect mattress.


Designer Co-fer services

When you are a solopreneur, architect or designer getting items delivered on time is a priority. Relying on large delivery services such as USPS or UPS may leave you in a bind when you need it the most! We know that you need extra help with different projects.

Getting your best work from one place to the next and this is where our new Go-fer service steps in to assist you. We are your second set of hands! Get the job done faster, with less stress.