What is e-design?

Electronic or online design aka e-design is a virtual/online design style that covers all design bases even though the designer is not physically present. It is understandable when a client wants the services of a designer from out of state or even the country. In such cases, we work with the client online to visualize and design an awesome edifice that is just as good as when done in person. This actually saves cost and time for the client who would not need to have to spend so much time travelling to our office and back. 

What is the design process?

There is a procedure to every masterpiece. This is no different in interior design. What we do at Green Concierge Designs is work together with you, our client, gathering all the necessary information that we could use to build up a first-rate design you can be proud of. 

What does Full Service Interior Design Mean?

This refers to our complete design package that helps you, our client, with all the design services, from visualization to final installation. This service basically takes all burdens from you, placing it squarely on us, as we will conceptualize, design and install all you need to make your dream building a reality.